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Together with Plant I did the initial wireframes for was a danish traffic-safety campaign persuading drivers to lower their speed …

No reboot in 2010

So… Just got the news from @mygdal that there will be no reboot this year. Sad, but true. One year without the …

Bruce Sterling

I had the opportunity to experience Bruce Sterling Live on Stage at reboot11. To be honest, I didn’t know very much about …

Design Thinking, Tim Brown

In the article from Harvard Business Review the CEO of IDEO, Tim Brown, explains how you can implement design thinking in your organization.


Please Rob Me

Are you scared now? The burglars are watching you on twitter, foursquare, facebook etc. And they are ready to empty your house the second you tweet: “gone to the supermarket to buy more bacon… #bacon”.


ChangeThis, manifesto collection

The Customer Evangelist Manifesto Get customers who worship the ground you advertise on. “A customer evangelist not only purchases from you regularly, …

Work that recession

Last summer I went jobhunting for a job at a company I really like. They didn’t have any open positions, but I …


YouTube turns five

Yesterday I was doing something as oldschool as watching a TV drama! I was well caught up in the action and then: …


Reboot book – Action is @11

I know it’s been a long time since reboot11, especially now when Copenhagen is covered in brown/yellowish/not white snow. But you still …


Gone WordPress

So I finally decided to shift to wordpress. Why? Well since i’m not too much into the religious talk about programminglanguages anymore …