Updated: TigerText

The TigerText is here. The textmessage that will self-destruct after a given period of time. The purpose of the system is to obtain complete privacy over certain text-messages. This is how it works… You decide a certain text needs to delete it-self after, say 15 minutes, and then send it. If the receiver have the TigerText-app installed (of course it’s for iPhone) then the text will be deleted from both phones AND the server. Pretty neat if you are doing hanky-panky being the back of your spouse.

But is this deal only for the unfaithful? Well, what about the business-ideas that pop up? This app could function very well as a system for sending limited-time offers to loyal customers or maybe as a password reminder? Let’s take the first one. Say you have a webshop and you want your loyal customers to react quickly to a limited-time offer. You send a text containing a “promo-code” which will self-destruct (I like self-destruct better then delete – It’s more Mission Impossible-like) after 24 hours. The message will only be visible for this amount of time and after that everybody avoids the frustration of trying to enter a “promo-code” that isn’t active anymore.
The password-reminder scenario is very much alike. Lot’s of websites have a “new password generator” that is only active for 24 hours, which again presents the users with frustration if they are too late. Here they have it right on their display: As long as the message is visible, the “new password” is active.

Final note: The people behind the service claim that the name has nothing to do with the Tiger Woods scandal. “It’s just because a real tiger is so good at deleting it’s trails…” I don’t know about you, but i’m not buying it. Of course it’s a reference to Tiger Woods, no doubt about it.

TigerText is also coming for Blackberry and Android.

Update: A kind reader, Mikel, just mentioned that the app is not available in Denmark yet. Too bad for cheating men and women with iPhones…